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Europe’s new laws could cost you 4% of your revenues

GUEST: What’s 4% of your company’s global annual revenues? Are you prepared to pay this amount in fines? This is what you might face if you’re not paying attention to new data privacy developments in Europe, as penalties for mishandling European citizen data apply to all companies, not just those headquartered in the European Union. The […]

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Blizzard cofounder Frank Pearce: 25 years of making games isn’t enough

Blizzard Entertainment is the division of Activision Blizzard that’s brought us games like StarCraft, Diablo, and World of Warcraft, and it turned 25 this week. We ran an interview with Blizzard chief executive Mike Morhaime, who was one of the three original founders who started the company during the golden age of PC games. But […]

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Bits are beating atoms: The Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon shuffle

GUEST: Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon have been dubbed the four horsemen of the tech industry. They are the biggest consumer companies and dominate the discussion through new initiatives such as drones and acquisitions such as Oculus. As our current tech era has evolved, Apple has led the pile with a huge market capitalization, and Facebook […]

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Why mobile marketers are finding it painful to watch the presidential race

GUEST: We live in an age where 85 percent of millennials in the U.S. have a smartphone, and they are fiddling with their apps 15 times a day. So you have to wonder: Why aren’t presidential candidates using mobile in their campaigns more effectively? With the 2016 presidential election in full swing, it’s critical for candidates […]

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How Monster Hunter finally found success in the United States

FEATURE: Monster Hunter hasn’t always been a success in the United States. Worldwide, it’s another story. Capcom’s Monster Hunter series has sold 35 million copies worldwide as of December, making it bigger sales-wise than Mega Man and just shy of Street Fighter, two of the publisher’s best-selling video game franchises. It has long been a success in the […]

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