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These 3 things are trying to kill Linux containers

GUEST: For nearly two years, Linux containers have dominated the world of enterprise IT, and for good reason — among others, they take on issues that virtualization simply cannot within application development and computing at scale and allow for the enterprise world to truly embrace concepts like devops and microservices (the Service Oriented Architecture dream from […]

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Nice, the high-performance computing company Amazon just acquired, has a heck of a customer list

Public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) has acquired Nice, a company in Italy with a Web interface for scheduling and monitoring high-performance computing (HPC) workloads. The software must really be something, because it has picked up usage from a long list of enterprises. So it’s not surprising that Amazon isn’t going to disrupt […]

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Top dating apps are just waiting to be hacked — analysis

GUEST: Dating apps are more popular than ever, especially in the run up to Valentine’s Day. According to Pew Research, 38% of U.S. singles may have a dating website or app to thank for their Valentine’s date this weekend. But are these apps secure, guaranteed against hackers interested in accessing so much highly sensitive data? Sadly, […]

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How tech’s big 3 are getting ready to read your emotions

GUEST: Apple’s purchase of Emotient last month, a California-based firm that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to interpret emotions from facial expressions, signals that big changes are coming to mobile devices. The move means that another tech giant has entered the AI arms race alongside Google and Facebook. This fact alone should have brands learning about the […]

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