Uber hit with lawsuit over alleged sexual assaults

The ride-hailing company is being sued after two women allege they were sexually assaulted by Uber drivers. The plaintiffs say Uber needs to do more to keep passengers safe.

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SHA-1 hashing algorithm could succumb to $75K attack, researchers say

Researchers have found a new way to attack the SHA-1 hashing algorithm, still used to sign almost one in three SSL certificates that secure major websites, making it more urgent than ever to retire it, they said Thursday.SHA-1 is a cryptographic has...

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Adidas to 3D print custom insoles in sneakers

Adidas has announced a new performance running shoe line called Futurecraft 3D, which will offer consumers a custom-formed and 3D-printed midsole.The midsole can be tailored to the shape and the cushioning needs of an individual's foot.Linked with e...

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AT&T kicks off Wi-Fi calling years after T-Mobile

AT&T kicked off Wi-Fi calling on newer-model iPhones running iOS 9 on Thursday after winning permission from the Federal Communications Commission two days earlier.Wi-Fi Calling helps users get better connections indoors where cellular service c...

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How to give resumes a third dimension

Technology has impacted almost every facet of the job search process from how candidates advertise themselves to how businesses source, recruit and hire talent, but one thing has remained pretty much the same: the resume. It's still one of the best way...

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Sao Paulo mayor proposes regulations for Uber, avoiding ban

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Sao Paulo will introduce new regulations to govern ride-sharing services such as Uber instead of backing an outright ban proposed by local Brazilian lawmakers, the mayor of South America's biggest city said on Thursday.

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AWS Mobile Hub streamlines app dev

Amazon Web Services is launching its Mobile Hub for accessing cloud services to build and monitor mobile apps.

With today's debut at the Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, Mobile Hub features a console integrating discovery, configuration, and access to AWS for bulding, testing, and monitoring mobile apps. It features AWS options, client SDKs, and client integration code, as well as capabilities for push notifications and analytics. Mobile Hub supports both Android and Apple iOS mobile platforms.

Mobile Hub, currently listed in beta, will help developers offload responsibilities for dealing with back-end cloud services. Rapid development is a key benefit, according to Amazon. “This is really going to help you speed up your mobile development so that you only have to focus on the functionaIity that you really want to deliver to your customers,” Amazon CTO Werner Vogels said. "It makes it easy for mobile developers to get really started by having the cloud as their back-end service.”

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