Facebook splits React library across Web and mobile

Following an upgrade this week, the main React JavaScript UI library will be split in two, with the goal of sharing components between the Web version of React and the companion React Native framework.

With the React .014 upgrade, Facebook software engineer Ben Alpert said packages such as react-native (for building native apps with React), react-art (for vector graphics), and react-canvas (for rendering to <canvas>) make it clear “the beauty and essence of React has nothing to do” with browsers or the DOM.

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Privacy-concerned Apple deletes apps from App Store

The Californian tech giant has removed several apps from its App Store that install root certificates, which potentially allow hackers to view private user information.

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​Visual music: The graphic novel roots of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

For all its explosive energy, "Mad Max: Fury Road" found its genesis on the page as something quite different. The film's director George Miller tells how the road warrior journeyed from graphic novel to celluloid, and what lies beneath the bluster.

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How do elephants keep cancer at bay?

The majestic elephant is unusually resistant to cancer, a phenomenon that has puzzled scientists for decades. The answer may lie in its genes.

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Apple removes some apps from online store over security concerns

(Reuters) - Apple Inc said on Thursday that it had removed "a few" applications from its App Store, expressing its concern that the security of some users' personal data could be compromised in certain circumstances.

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