New: Microsoft Surface Book and Pro 4 (plus two phones nobody will buy)

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and chums introduce the world to new Windows hardware. There's an improved tablet (Surface Pro 4), a new convertible laptop (Surface Book), and a pair of flagship smartphones (Lumia 950 and 950XL).(There was also a new Ba...

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Saudi Prince Alwaleed’s Kingdom Holding raises Twitter stake

DUBAI (Reuters) - Saudi Arabian billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and his investment firm Kingdom Holding now together own more than 5 percent of Twitter Inc, the prince's office said on Wednesday.

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Japan’s Murata sees slowdown in global smartphone market growth

CHIBA, Japan (Reuters) - Global demand for smartphones is likely to slow in the next fiscal year due to weaker demand from the world's biggest market China, the head of Japanese smartphone component maker Murata Manufacturing Co told Reuters on Wednesd...

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7 useful ways you might use an Apple iRing

While most decent people spent the last few days playing with their new iPhones or travelling to Manchester, UK, to reject short-sighted ‘austerity’ politics, a patent for an Apple ring was published – so what is this iThing, and how might we use it?

What is it?

PatentlyApple tells us the ring incorporates “touch-sensitive surfaces, gesture sensors, and/or voice-input recognition, a camera, microphone and more.” The patent goes on to explain the ring is for those who need a, “more discreet, safer, more efficient, or more ergonomic way to interact with touch pads or touch screens.” The description also notes wireless power recharging and biometric sensors could comprise part of the device. I like to think of the ring as being part iPhone, part Magic Mouse and part iWatch.

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Europe-U.S. data transfer deal used by many firms ruled invalid

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The EU's highest court struck down a deal that allows thousands of companies to easily transfer personal data from Europe to the United States, in a landmark ruling on Tuesday that follows revelations of mass U.S. government snoopi...

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