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Telegram just made it easier to send and receive secure voice messages

Telegram has released a set of updates to the private messaging app, including the ability for users to listen and record voice messages just by lifting their phone. Other features include adding features to secret chats, improved privacy controls, sharing extensions, hotkey support, a new photo editor for those on Android, and more. Perhaps placing more […]

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Pikachu zaps Schwarzenegger: Pokémon’s Super Bowl ad beat Mobile Strike’s

If you ever see Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting a yellow electric rat, you shouldn’t put your money on the Governator. When it comes to games, only Pokémon and military strategy game Mobile Strike (for iOS and Android) had advertisements during last weekend’s Super Bowl 50. And it turns out that people were much more thrilled to […]

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Facebook India head steps down in wake of ‘Free Basics’ debacle

In what continues to be a horrible week for Facebook in India, the social networking giant’s longstanding India head, Kirthiga Reddy, has stepped down from her post. She will be moving back to the US after a long, six-year stint at that position. Announcing her decision via a Facebook post, Reddy said: I’m grateful to […]

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