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Viral all-star OK Go picks Facebook over YouTube to launch new music video

Almost a decade ago, OK Go posted online a goofy, one-take video of the band dancing on treadmills. That viral sensation helped to re-invigorate the music video world while giving a big boost to a fledgling video streaming site called YouTube. Since then, the band has used YouTube to feature a series of increasingly ambitious […]

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7 marketing hacks to roar through the downturn

The stock market fall this year is frightening economists, who say we may be ending a seven-year growth cycle. The Fed says U.S. financial conditions have worsened. And in Silicon Valley, where the fastest, most innovative private companies have thrived, more people are predicting a big shakeout, even raising comparisons with the severe 2008 downturn. Downturns are tough, but […]

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